ReallyBeThere LLC

ReallyBeThere LLC is dedicated to helping enable anyone, young or old, to actively engage in life with enthusiasm, energy, and confidence to achieve and sustain a healthy and balanced sense of well-being. 

Founded by Ken Andrews in 2007, in Midland, Michigan, USA, ReallyBeThere programs include Chi Running® and Chi Walking® classes and personal instruction/coaching tailored to each client's needs. 

Ken comes from an international background in music and the corporate business world, and is an accomplished masters' runner and cyclist.  He is involved in multiple running/hiking/biking activities, and his results include:


  • 9th in AG, Duathlon World Championships, Nancy, France
  • Ran Grand Canyon rim-to-rim in 4 hours, 42 minutes


  • Member of Team USA Duathlon,  ranked #3 in AG for Duathlon
  • 5th in AG, USA Duathlon nationals


  • Ranked #2 in AG for USA Duathlon
  • 2nd in AG, USATF trail marathon national championships, Moab, UT  


  • 2nd in AG, USA Duathlon Nationals
  • 1st in USA Duathlon national race series
  • 6th in AG, Haute Route Alps 7-Day cycling stage race, France
  • National AG champion, USATF trail marathon national championships, Moab, UT


  • 3rd in AG, Moab trail marathon, Moab, UT (2nd in AG, USATF national championship)

Ken has been personally trained by the founder of Chi Running and Chi Walking, Danny Dreyer, and is a certified senior instructor in both disciplines. 

Ken is an enthusiastic and engaging instructor/coach, and is passionate about helping people reach their goals.  He also serves as a volunteer coach/speaker for multiple groups, and in various capacities with local non-profit/city organizations. 

Chi Running®
Chi Running combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running to produce a more energy-efficient running form. Chi Running reduces impact and enables you to run injury-free, faster, and longer with much less effort, and more enjoyment.

Chi Walking focuses on moving from your center—your core—using proper body alignment and movement techniques that gives you a powerful sense of balance and stability, as well as relaxation and spaciousness in your mind and body. Chi Walking turns walking into a daily mindful exercise routine that promotes health in your mind and body, while reducing your chances of incurring injuries.