"Ken, you did a great job here at Cordia!  We have started our own Chi Walking Club and the Members who attend are highly motivated to keep moving forward.  Your presentation was delightful, informative, lively, easy to follow, and well organized.   We hope you come back to check on our progress!"  Terri H., Traverse City, MI, October, 2017

"For several years a friend and I have walked on our local rail trail and trails through the woods. This has often been painful because I have a neuroma on both feet but the joy of walking far outweighed my aching feet. We recently took a Chi Walking class taught by Ken Andrews and I admit I was a bit skeptical at first - it was like learning to drive - I had to think about the position of my feet, back, hips, arms, and head, but after putting the Chi Walking technique into practice, within a few days it became natural. Since the class our walks have increased to 2 hours pain free. I highly recommend Chi Walking!".  Lynne G., Midland, MI, May , 2008

"Thanks, Ken! I'm really glad I took your class. I went for about a 3-mile walk/run last night and it was very enjoyable and comfortable. I've gotten way out of shape and was surprised at how easy it was. And I'm not sore at all this morning."
Judi S., Midland, MI, April, 2008

"Very relaxed, informative with good pace"
"I thought Ken’s technical knowledge was excellent"
"It encouraged me to begin a walking program"
"Can’t wait to try it!"
"Loved the body loosening exercises"

- Feedback from ChiWalking class, Midland, MI, January, 2008

"Thanks for last night’s class - I loved it and can hardly wait to do/learn more. We will certainly be working on the techniques. I heard from a friend that it was related to yoga (core) and I could really feel that last night - the mind/body connection and for yoga we add the soul. :-)".  Maxine R., Midland, MI, September, 2007. 

"Thanks for a great class, as always. I'll be back as this is a journey for me and I'm not going to learn it over night. Please keep me posted on future classes. One comment regarding the value of a runner taking the Chi Walking class -- I have had difficulty learning the pelvic rotation technique while running. However, I seem to be grasping it better as a Chi Walker. I'm finding if I start by doing the "one side" exercise while walking and getting the feel for it, I can then break into my run and have greater success. It will come with time. I think you were absolutely right when you said that runners will benefit by taking the walking class. My wife had an epiphany when she noticed that aligning her column made a huge difference not only in walking, but also in her day to day life. She has had a lot of spine problems the past few years and learning these principles is going to help her immensely. You're a great teacher of these classes, Ken…and it's making a difference for folks."  Dan D., Saginaw, MI, August, 2007. 

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