FAQ's:  Running Dynamics Optimization® (RDO)

Is RDO a coaching program?  Yes.  RDO is an instructional program that assists and guides you to optimize your running experience.  Already follow a coaching program?  No problem!  RDO complements other training/coaching programs—as an additive process that seeks to optimize multiple inputs and resources for runners to improve their performance and achievements.  RDO focuses on much more than just running technique, or a running training program.  RDO’s goal is to work with multiple variables—physical and non-physical—impacting how and why a runner runs, with the goal of removing barriers and optimizing the collective impact of all relevant variables. 

Can any runner benefit from RDO?  Yes, runners of all levels—regardless of current performance, state of fitness, injury status, etc, can benefit from RDO. 

Should I do a running technique class before RDO?  While not mandatory, Ken highly recommends attending a Chi Running workshop before pursuing RDO (he offers a special rate should a client sign up for RDO plus Chi Running).   

What is unique about RDO?   Ken has developed this holistic approach to refining and improving runners’ performance by synergizing in RDO his experience and learning from his diverse background as a runner and cyclist, a professional musician, music teacher, corporate leader, Chi Running instructor, and as a world class masters’ duathlete. 

Process Overview.  RDO consists of a 12-step process.  Clients will begin by completing a qualitative assessment, then the instructor will capture baseline running metrics.  After analysis, the instructor will evaluate and identify an improvement plan for the client to pursue as part of their new “go-to” toolkit for enhanced running success. 

Can I do RDO remotely?  Yes.  While an in-person meeting first is highly desirable, Ken offers remote coaching. 

What does RDO cost?  RDO is a customized program and fees are based on the specific program level the client chooses.  Contact Ken directly to discuss options and prices.  Email:  ken@reallybethere.com, or phone: (989) 205-6176.