Introduction:  Running Dynamics Optimization™ (RDO)

Have you ever wondered how elite athletes do what they do—often with what appears to be minimal effort; or, how professional musicians play so brilliantly?  The reason is clearly their innate talents, together with years of practice, training and hard work, but it is also how they synergise and optimize these talents and skills with their technique, body positioning and movement, utilizing available sources of energy, their mind (ability to focus, deal with pressure, discomfort—even pain, etc), and their emotions to perform—in whatever environment they happen to be in—on the day.   Ken's new Running Dynamics Optimization™ program focuses on optimizing this dynamic specifically for you, to tap your true potential in a highly customized way, based on your needs and goals.  Want to know more?  Contact Ken,  email:, or phone: (989) 205-6176.