What is Running Dynamics Optimization® (RDO)*?

RDO is an instructional program that assists and guides you to optimize your running experience.  Already follow a coaching program?  No problem!  RDO complements other training/coaching programs—as an additive process that seeks to optimize multiple inputs and resources for runners to improve their performance and achievements.  RDO focuses on much more than just running technique, or a running training program.  RDO’s goal is to work with multiple variables—physical and non-physical—impacting how and why a runner runs, with the goal of removing barriers and optimizing the collective impact of all relevant variables. 

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*Formal Definition:  A multi-dimensional instruction and coaching program that utilizes leading techniques from the sports,
business, and arts environment to focus on the physical and non-physical variables comprising and impacting the process of running, with the objective of guiding clients to achieve their desired running performance level, and ultimate capability, through optimizing the dynamic created by these variables acting singularly, and in concert with each other.